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Red Rocket Media Group is now Red Rocket Web Specialists

The long-anticipated transformation from Red Rocket Media Group as a full-service marketing agency into the web-only firm Red Rocket Web Specialists, has now become a reality. At 1:17 pm on July 20th, the new Red Rocket Web Specialists,, website went live as Northern Colorado’s leading team of web professionals.

July 20th was chosen to pay homage to Apollo 11’s historic moon landing in 1969, which also took place at 1:17 pm.

The team of web professionals, each specializing in their own fields, have shifted their business model to more effectively provide the services their clients need. By staying ahead of the curve, clients’ needs can more efficiently be met.

Among these specialties are three very important categories of services offered: search engine optimization, internet marketing, and website development. Along with these comes a ton of components that set Red Rocket Web Specialists apart from the competition.

Having a great-looking website is only half the battle. Having a great-looking website that produces results is the key to success on the internet. Red Rocket Web Specialists provides this and more. Think positive results, think Red Rocket.

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Social Media Damage Control

One often overlooked factor of social media is vulnerability. An organization’s reputation can easily be marred by fake information or imposter pages. The hijacking of internet identity is a serious issue because of its potential for long-term negative effects. Anything said on Twitter, Facebook, or any social media website, regardless of who the poster might be, can and will affect ones reputation in some way.

For example, the president of a hospital was recently a victim of a Facebook attack. His case was mild in comparison to some potential threats, but this kind of damage control is necessary regardless of the severity of the individual case. A fake profile was made with his name and employment information for public view, but the rest of the profile was private. The president of the hospital contacted Red Rocket to take care of this matter as he does not use Facebook at any capacity. Any information posted could have had a negative impact on his reputation had the fake profile not been caught in time. The following steps were taken in the process:

Step 1: Identify impersonation Facebook profile.

Step 2: Obtain real information about the president from the hospital.

Step 3: Create a profile page with real information about the president, as well as a statement to any readers to block/report the fake profile should they come across it.

Step 4: Report fake profile to Facebook via the block/report link on the lower left-hand corner of the profile page.

Step 5: Message any Facebook users that have “friended” the fake profile that the user is not the hospital’s president.

Step 6: Notify the hospital that the new page was created with all of the accurate information.

Step 7: Continually contact Facebook in an attempt to have the fake profile removed.

Another thing to keep in mind is the permanence of information associated with many internet sites. Sites like Facebook don’t offer much for damage control on the user’s behalf – a lot of the reporting of profiles is left up to the Facebook community. I have heard mixed stories about Facebook’s ability to remove fake profiles from their site, but have yet to come up with a concrete answer.

A case study on this particular issue will be available in mid-July on the new Red Rocket Web Specialists  website.

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For the anonymous user who asked to see a photo of everyone, here it is! The Red Rocket Team.

For the anonymous user who asked to see a photo of everyone, here it is! The Red Rocket Team.

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Website Design tips by Red Rocket Web Specialists

The three crucial goals of website design are to generate traffic on your website, compel users to stay on your website, and create a need for users to return to your website.

When designing websites, a common error that many designers will make is using incorrect keywords. Understanding the purpose of the website is a key principle in website design. If the site is filled with keywords that are irrelevant, there will be much less traffic (if any) generated on the website.

When the user arrives at the website, the most effective way to keep them there is to avoid having pages that take long periods of time to load. Websites that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing are important, but this must not take away from the content on the page. Pages that take too long to load are a guaranteed way to disinterest the user. Also, if the website is not easy to navigate, the user will find another website that is designed for easy navigation.

The easiest way to create returning users is to constantly be updating content. If there is always some kind of update, users will have a need to constantly visit the website. Website design will do wonders in drawing users to the website but, content as simple as news items or an updated photo gallery will most definitely ensure that users return to the website on a frequent basis.

For more information about website design please visit the Red Rocket Web Specialists website.

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